ClayFest Steering Committee Minutes


In attendance: Susan Roden, Michael Fromme, Cheryl Kempner, Jeani Holder, Mary Hindman, Faith Rahill, Paula MacCullen, Rhoda Fleischman, Frank Gosar, Michael Baines, Elise Corin, Linda Williams, Dan Schmitt, Michael Morrison, Don Clarke, Jerry & Shirley Huft, Holly Dubrasich, Grace Sheese, Merry Newcomer (Recording Secretary)

Trainee Openings

Don began the meeting with a discussion of the Chairperson position. It has been difficult to find someone interested in taking it on due to the complexity and scope it has developed over the years. To alleviate this, certain duties will be delegated as follows : maintaining Committee Chair job descriptions and ClayFest Policies will be handled by the Secretary; Treasurer will become more involved in the budget record keeping process, and the webpage will become a new Committee Chair position with a Trainee position for the first year (2005). A motion was made and passed to create the webmaster position as described. Show Chairperson position is now described as follows : handles contractual issues with fairgrounds; is also a Local Clay Board member; sets up meetings and arranges location; volunteer "points" administration; legal representative of ClayFest organization; chairs the Steering Committee meetings; MC and troubleshoots the show, manages development of budget, updates ceramics community (OPA, etc) on ClayFest status, and keeps the show "on track".

Current Trainee openings : moved and passed to accept the Trainee volunteers as on the agenda with two assuming full Committee Chair duties for the current year (Mailing/Distribution and Sponsorship). A suggestion was made to have a binder for Chair positions to pass on to Trainees/new Chairs outlining duties, budget info, etc. This is encouraged, may be in the form of a notebook/binder, computer files, compilations of notes, etc. The Steering Committee for the 2005 show is as follows :

Bookkeeper Jeani Holder  
Building Mary Hindman  
CASH Dan Minard Merry Newcomer
Chairperson Don Clarke Paula MacCullen
DEMO Rhoda Fleischman  
Gallery Display Paula MacCullen Shirley Huft
Graphics Frank Gosar  
Info-Security Cheryl Kempner  
Kids Clay Elise Corin  
Mailing-Distribution Holly Dubrasich  
Publicity Dan Schmitt  
Registrar Don Clarke Michael Morrison
Sales Faith Rahill  
Secretary Merry Newcomer Sue Roden
Show Set-Up Michael Baines  
Signage Michael Fromme Grace Sheese
Sponsorship Alissa Clark  
Treasurer Susan Fishel  
VISA Kathryn Finnerty Rosa Nogues

2005 Show financials

Budget figures were compiled; amount of desired budget "cushion" discussed; avenues to reach that goal will be researched and reported back next meeting (booth fee and/or commission increases or reducing expenses). It was suggested that Sponsorship look at soliciting : Friends of ClayFest - a group of donor/sponsors able to give smaller amounts than major sponsors, possibly galleries, would be given recognition at show and/or in advertising. Other items in this area : set a cut-off date for submission of receipts for reimbursement so debts paid in year accrued; set up a reserve fund for capital improvements (eg: Demo mirror, Gallery furniture) and emergencies. Frank suggested setting cushion at $750 and Local Clay funding at $750.


Changes passed with minor spelling correction. "Eligible" members defined as past-and-present member of Local Clay who have participated in past shows so will be sent early applications; if not presently "current" on dues, would need to pay with application if wish to be in current year's show.

Committee work overload

A discussion of the issue of out of towners not doing committee work and so doing extra workshifts and also the inequity of work hours for different committees. A study was done and determined that the current committee work requires approximately 48 people working 3 hours each. Once Committee Chairs are removed from the pool, with booth participants only, we have 36 people to fill those hours. It was proposed to add a 3-hour committee shift (in addition to already required workshift) for each Gallery Only participant. This was adopted as a "try it this year" option and see how it works. Rhoda suggested asking for feedback from these participants at the show to see how it worked for them. It was also suggested to have an earlier deadline for Gallery Only participants than currently projected due to the need to schedule this work.
The consequence of not doing Committee work would be the same as not doing a WorkShift (an additional 5% commission on any work sold and possible exclusion from next year's show). For clarification it was noted that Committee work is done during non-show hours; workshifts are done during show hours.

Application form

Reviewed, minor corrections, will be finalized after budget completed and booth fee and commission rates determined.

Next meeting : March 24 at 6:30PM at EWEB
Finalize Budget
Approve Application Packet
Committee and WorkShift needs