Farmers Union Building

Attending : Grace Sheese, Linda Williams, Mary Hindman, Merry Newcomer, Susan Fishel, Faith Rahill, Leslie Friedman, Holly Dubrasich, Jeani Holder, Elise Corin, Jerry Huft, Michael Baines, Don Clarke, Susan Roden, Paula MacCullen.

Paula assigned each chair to a particular focus group, to brainstorm specific items that pertain to their committees.

Onto examination of the BUDGET :

WORKSHIFTS : Linda Williams asked for $10, the same as last year, ‘05.

SHOW CHAIR : Paula said Fairgrounds building rental is up 3% this year, and again next year. In 2005 chair spent $2101, which included postage, phone, web host ($180), and building rental.

REGISTRAR : Don wants $332.

BUILDING : Mary Hindman says if we use the same layout as last year, will spend the same: $1390.43.

VISA : Rosa does not think the short wait for charge/debit machines warrants the expense of another machine. Paula will ask her to check the extra charge for a mobile phone VISA, since ¾ of sales were charge/debit, and there is only 1 phone line into the building. Last year the VISA charge was $925. In ‘05 we paid $60 for the rental of 2 visa machines, so we estimate another $60 will cover a mobile phone VISA machine. This makes the ‘06 est budget $1,000.

CASH : Merry estimates maybe $50.

SALES : Last years budget was $275, but only $155 was spent. Asking for $225.

PUBLICITY : Dan not in attendance. $3056 spent last year. Comment is that you can always spend more for publicity.

SIGNAGE : In ‘05, $400 was budgeted and $413 spent. Grace requests $450. She will check to see what signs we actually own, and price more signs.

MAILING/DISTRIBUTION : In ’05 spent $1961. This includes postage, mailing list and poster distribution. We sent cards to 4967 addresses. Another 3534 address were added from the Register Guard demographics list of addresses with over $100,000 income. Want to see the cost of adding addresses with over $80,000 income.

POSTER/GRAPHICS : Frank reported by email. He had wanted a slide scanner, but found a great deal on one and bought it for himself. In ‘05, spent $1987 (no summer cards). In ‘04 spent $2500.

SECURITY/INFO : Spent $7 last year.

GALLERY : In ‘05 spent $184. Request $50 for this year. Discussion of building some of our own Gallery display pieces. Pedestals/walls need a building crew and increased storage space. Lighting could be purchased and stored in perhaps existing storage space.

SPONSORSHIP : In ‘04 spent $50, and in’05 spent $62.

SALES TAGS/BOOKKEEPER : In ‘05 spent $45. Requests $100, the increase is to purchase a calculator.

DEMO : In ‘04 spent $190 In ‘05 spent $365, which included a mirror. Estimate $200. Need $25 gift certificate for 2 or 3 flower arrangers and $50 for flowers. Microphone rental is in Demo budget. Pipe & Drape is in Set-Up budget.

KIDS CLAY : Elise wants $25 for canvas. In ‘04 spent $19 and in ‘05 spent $18.

SECRETARY : Estimate $40.

TREASURER : $110 will take care of the ‘05 bills.

SET-UP : $1200 spent in ‘05, sees the same this year. In ‘04 truck rental (from Portland) was $327.

WEBMASTER : $140. This is a new position.

Accountant’s Fee : $150.

TAXES : $370 in ‘05 and we lost money. Estimate $500 in ’06.

BROKEN POTS : In ‘04 $200 income. In ‘05 $233 income. Income is what was brought in (at $5 per booth) less what was paid out. Estimate $285 for ‘06. LOCAL CLAY: In ‘04 Clayfest gave $750 to Local Clay. In ‘05, $300 was given.

Short discussion about giving any money to Local Clay, as they now have their own income.

Ideas floated around about more advertising. Poster and card distribution. Any last budget requests need to firm up for the March meeting.

TRAINEES. Some Chairs need to choose between 2 trainee applicants by the next meeting.

Application Packet : Don distributed samples to everyone. Requests feedback from each chair about the part that pertains to their committee.

Proposed SHOW DATES :

Mar 22 Next meeting at EWEB, 6:30pm, a Wednesday

Mar 30 Local Clay Meeting - Clayfest budget proposed for approval

Mar 31 Mail Clayfest application to eligible members

Apr 7 Clayfest application available to the general public

May 5 Clayfest application deadline.

May 15 or 16 Mon or Tues, Booth selection Meeting. Depends on availability of EWEB.

May 17 Local Clay Meeting.

May 22 Booth Notification mailed.

Aug 1 Last day for 100% booth fee refunded, if booth is cancelled

Aug 15 Gallery-Only application deadline.

Aug 31 Move-In Packet mailed

Sep 1 Last date for 50% booth fee refund, if booth is cancelled.

Paula found that the Fairgrounds will put a vending machine in our building, if we want drinks available for purchase. We use all the available space, so decide against it.

Policies : Paula discussed the Clayfest policy about Chair benefits. Benefit #02 that all chairs need to attend at least 2 scheduled meetings to be eligible for a 5% reduction in show commission, will be enforced this year. Don requested a minor change in the allocation of booths. Chairs present thought the extra work by the registrar that gave present chairs first selection of booths over past chairs, was worth it.

Next meeting is Wednesday, March 22 , 6:30 pm at EWEB.