ClayFest Steering Committee Minutes - 01/25/05

Meeting AGENDA

In attendance : Don Clarke, Susan Fishel, Paula MacCullen, Cheryl Kempner, Kathryn Finnerty, Frank Gosar, Linda Williams, Elise Corin, Michael Baines, Mary Hindman, Mary Briggs, Dan Schmitt, Jeani Holder, Faith Rahill, Jerry and Shirley Huft, Holly Dubrasich, Merry Newcomer

Opening remarks from the Chair : Don reminded us he has been Chair for many of the years the show has been in existence and would be happy to turn it over to someone else. He advised that the major duties of the job are : making sure that everything that needs to happen, happens; sets agenda for meetings and reserve the room; follows up to be sure things are getting done. Don feels hat a different perspective than his could be beneficial to the show and requests others to consider being Chairperson. We meet generally six times a year. Jan - Feb - Mar - June - Sept and October.

Trainees : 13 openings, most now have applicants; 3 current Chairs would like to give up their positions this year if someone willing to assume: Cynthia has found Holly to take on Mailing; Kathryn (VISA) and Mary B (Sponsorship) are still looking. Chairs need to interview and make decisions on Trainee applicants so they can get involved asap; it would be beneficial for them to attend the budget meeting in February to become familiar with that process. Don has asked that the decisions be made and he receive notification by February 11th.

Financials : We need to set the amount of profit we want to project so when budget figures are compiled, we will be able to determine income needed from booth fees and commissions. We need to set the goal higher than last year due to the shortage experienced at the end of 2004 show. This will be done at the February meeting. It was suggested by Jeani that current Chairs include budgeting information with their job descriptions to be passed on to Trainees and/or new Chairs to facilitate the budget process.

Suggested 2005 changes

Two day set up : after much discussion, it was decided to rent the building on Thursday to allow set-up of show provided set-up only (taping, gallery, demo area, etc) not participants.

Demo mirror : Don got info from Showcase that ended with suggestion to borrow theirs. Rhoda will check into that but there is still some interest in building our own. It was suggested to approach Local Clay into paying half and having it available for Workshops. Cost is estimated at $400 and plans are available from OPA.

Building our own gallery : a good idea but will take commitment and planning. Michael suggested establishing a small group to look into costs, etc. Having our own would decrease costs of transporting OPA's from Portland and could be done in stages to spread out the acquisition costs. Don reminded all that all of these "ideas" have to have budget numbers for the next meeting if they are to be considered.

Signage : we need to put up directional signs (possibly sandwich boards) around the fairgrounds to help public find us. Holiday and Farmers Market did this effectively.

Application deadlines : Moved up to a 5 week applications period. The agreed upon dates are : Mail apps to "early" reciepients 4/6, apps available to general membership 4/13, application deadline 5/18, booth selection will be at June 2 meeting.

Inventory : all our stuff needs to be placed in the storage unit so we can be sure it is all at the show when we need it. Key can be obtained from Bob at Georgies during their business hours, other arrangements can be made by contacting Michael.

Music in booths : live or otherwise music will not be allowed in individual booths; advisement will be in Move-In packet.

Baskets/Aisle Hosts : need to bring more baskets from OPA; have small stack strategically placed around show; add a new WorkShift as aisle host (renamed as customer service) - help customers, offer them baskets, advise about holding area, restock baskets, help with clearing holding table when hold time expires.

Holding area : this year will have a 3 hour time limit, will fill out a slip with customer name and hold start time; will ask Sales area Chair/supervisor monitor with assistance of customer service (aisle host) person.

WorkShift : some out of towners complained of burnout due to choosing to do extra work shifts in lieu of Committee work. Linda will try to work this out with them, look at doing committee works that fits better or making accommodations such as no back to back shifts if possible.

Sets : new labeling instructions will be in Move-In packet with a graphic explanation


Booths available after initial selection process : if the "booth of choice" of a person who took a "second choice booth" becomes available, Registrar will offer to that person vs giving to first person waiting list. Don as Registrar is willing to continue doing this. We did not set a policy on this, will keep it open as a work in progress (may depend on skills and willingness of future Registrars). Clay Folk splits all open full booth into shared booths for waiting list. We did not choose to adopt this, noted as information for possible future consideration.

Chair/trainee not fulfilling responsibility : it was decided to have an ad hoc committee convene (Show Chairperson and 2 randomly selected Chairs) to hear the case and make report to Steering Committee. (Chairs randomly selected may decline to participate).

Sales Reps : if occurs, will advise in writing that is a violation of show rules and will be excluded from future shows if declines to abide by rules. Participants must complete their own work shifts, cannot have family member or other act as proxy. Wording on application will be changes to define purpose of show and aim to present a high quality show with the actual artist available to discuss the work.

Budget Meeting : February 16 (Wednesday) 6:30PM, EWEB

Intense Planning Meeting : March 24 (Thursday) 6:30PM, EWEB