Jan 25, 2006 - CLAYFEST Steering Committee Meeting @ EWEB

Attendance: Susan Roden, Susan Fishel, Merry Newcomer, Paula MacCullen, Don Clarke, Linna Muschlitz, Melinda King, Grace Sheese, Robin Russell, Michael Baines, Jeani Holder, Linda Williams, Tracie Manso, Holly Dubrasich, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar.

Paula welcomed everyone.

All Chairs have to attend at least 2 meetings.

VISA Chair lives in Bandon, and it is difficult to make meetings mid-week. Friday before Saturday Market would be good for them. It will be considered.

Rosa & Spencer are the VISA Chair at Showcase as well as Clayfest. They changed VISA vendor for Showcase, and if Clayfest did, we could save approx $200. Last year, after the Clayfest show, Spencer negotiated with Pacific Continental Bank and our VISA charge was reduced from $1907 to approx $900. The group decides to stay with Spencer and Pacific Continental Bank.

FINANCIALS - Susan Fishel presented a Treasurer’s report that compared expenses for Clayfest ‘04 and ‘05 by budget item. It was very informative and sparked a lively discussion. The bookkeepers noted that there were many more stickers this year, indicating that many small items sold. The "higher end" artists sold a lower dollar amount than in previous shows.

Paula asked if any chairs anticipated a budget increase this year.

There was a discussion on the necessity of the GALLERY at Clayfest. It was noted that ‘Gallery Only’ income for the ’05 show was less than half of that for the ‘04 show.
~ We do need Gallery-Only participants to help cover the workshifts at the show.
~ Galley-Only status gives many emerging artists and sculptors, who would not have enough items for a full booth, a chance to participate in the show.
~ One reason for having the show is to give members a way to display their art work, for sale, or nfs.
Paula will ask the Gallery Chair to do a cost analysis of purchasing and storing our own gallery pedestals & lights. It was suggested that perhaps DIVA could store pedestals for us, in exchange for being able to use them. Wary of damage to pedestals, we will hold off on that for now.

POSTERS - Holly reported the cost of printing posters has gone up.
We rent a mailing list of addresses with over $100,000 annual income.
Postcards are mailed bulk rate, which is significantly less expensive than first class mail. We want to consider mailing postcards first class for one year, to ‘clean up’ our mailing list. It was suggested that many cards would be returned, and the names purged from the list. Thus saving money in the long run, by us mailing only to people who want to know about our show.

CASH SALES - Merry would like to purchase calculators with tape for the back room bookkeeping during the show. Susan R has a couple of calculators at home, for Merry to look at to see if she could use them. Will check them out by the next meeting.

REGISTRAR - Don wants to know which chairs he can send a preview of the move-in packet to for approval, via email. Would save some copying and mailing.

SIGNAGE - Grace is a trainee and wants to check things out.

Next meeting everyone needs to bring their budget requests.

WEBMASTER - Don said we need to renew our web-page hosting. He would like to use the same host as for Clayfolk, whose web site he also manages. By switching out of EFN we will actually save money. No objections were raised.

* * * * *
Paula reviewed the chair trainees from her list. She will send a reminder to the current chairs to Train/Mentor their trainees.
GRAPHICS - Frank will stay on
INFO/SECURITY - Linda Williams requests to be trainee
WEBMASTER - Don would really like to pass this on. Thinks Sam Hoffman is interested. Will contact Sam.
REGISTRAR - Michael Fromme had expressed interest, but was not in attendance. Grace expressed interest, but is already Signage trainee. Only wants one job.
BOOKKEEPER - Jeanie Holder is training Robin Russell
BUILDING - Mary Hindman will train Melinda King
PUBLICITY - Josh Allen & Leslie Friedman want to train under Dan Schmitt
WORKSHIFTS - Linda W to train Tracie Manso
SHOW SET UP - Michael Baines eager to train Avi Harriman

* * * * *
ITEMS to REVIEW from the DEBRIEFING meeting of 10/26/05 after Clayfest ‘05

DEMOS - Workshift Chair noted there are few applicants for Demonstrations and also the Children’s Area. It was noticed there are few female demonstrators. After much discussion, it was suggested the Demo Chair could solicit persons of both sexes to offer to demonstrate at the show, before applications are sent in. Paula offered to talk with the Demo Chair.

Suggestion: use Pipe & Drape at the Sales Table to hang signs to show which lines are Cash/Check and which are Credit/Debit. Credit signs need to say Credit/Debit, so customers will not wait in Cash line to pay with a Debit card.

Suggestion: would like 3 CREDIT/DEBIT lines and 2 CASH/CHECK lines (instead of 3 cash and 2 credit/debit lines). Bookkeeper noted that more sales are paid for with credit than cash.
But there is a problem: There is only 1 phone line into the fairgrounds, and the 2 Credit/Debit lines share that one phone line. Jeanie or Rosa (my notes are unclear, sorry) will check into the cost of using a mobile phone and renting a machine that will support that.

On the "Mailing List Form" at the show, that people deposit in a box for a drawing: a) need a line for telephone #, so can call winner of the drawing, and b) eliminate the line that asks if they "want to be on our mailing list". By filling out the form for the drawing, they will be added to our mailing list.

Re Publicity on KLCC: In ‘05 we paid $750 for 2 weeks of ‘on air’ notices about Clayfest, that ended the Friday of the show. Would like to start 36 hours later, and end 36 hours later, so the ‘on air’ notices would continue through Sunday noon of the show.

SHARED BOOTH applicants need to fill out 2 separate applications. Last year tried 1 application, but that only made more work for Registrar and Workshift Chairs.

TREASURER wants on the show application that it will take up to 15 business days to process checks to artists after Clayfest. One year it was done in a couple of days, and things came up after checks were already cut. They want to not be rushed, and make sure everything comes out even before writing the checks.

SECURITY/INFO wants door signs for a) IN or OUT on the front doors, b) Emergency Exit on the back doors, and c) the hours of the show on the front doors on Friday (to help keep outsiders from strolling around on Friday).

Artist need CONTACT INFO in their booth.

BUILDING CHAIR - we need chairs for weary shoppers, and weary companions of shoppers. Suggested water for customers, but think Fairgrounds wants to be able to sell any refreshments themselves.

SIGNAGE - will handle sandwich boards outside.

ELECTRICAL - a miscommunication between the Building Chair and the Fire Department produced a glitch last year. Each booth gets a maximum of 500 watts, the Building Committee needs a person to check booths before the show. Also, every person does not need a fire extinguisher, only every __ feet an extinguisher is required. Building Chair please check on renting what we need.

Frank requests a slide scanner for GRAPHICS - will price EPSOM slide/flat bed scanner, since it is unavailable to borrow from Showcase at the time we need it.

* * * * *

Jan 25 Wednesday
Feb 15 Wed Budget meeting & Don will have draft of application
Mar 22 Wed Final Budget meeting - Budget then goes to Local Clay at meeting on Mar 30 for approval
May or June Booth Selection
Sept 19 Tues
Oct Wrap-up meeting

Submitted by Susan Roden, secretary