JANUARY 23, 2007

Attending : Susan Roden, Paula MacCullen, Jerry Huft, Frank Gosar Rhoda Fleischman, Linda Williams, Faith Rahill, Avi Harriman, Elise Corin, Michael Fromme, Don Clarke, Tracie Manso, Susan Fishel

Alyssa Clark, Grace Sheese and Mary Hindman emailed regrets, and missed this meeting. Paula will bring 5-6 copies of the agenda next time, so people will have one to follow along. The agenda is divided between those items have budget implications and those items that don’t.

Susan F -
Treasurer - gave an update on our fiscal status. *After taxes, CF had $149 * $12,641 is our starting cash * $4690 was the profit from CF ‘06 * In ‘06, we paid 4-5% on non-cash sales (includes charge & debit sales) * $20,000 of sales were in  cash/credit, $53,000 was charge/debit * Sales totals were $3200 less in ‘06 than in ‘05.

Elise questioned the $124 that showed as the final amount spent on Kids Clay, her committee. She only spent $47 * Don had broken down the amount spent on tables, chairs, pipe & drape, and assessed to individual budgets. Some individual chairs complained. * Paula suggested that she & Susan F will meet and decide on a way to budget. They will bring their decision to the next meeting for approval. * Frank suggested a ledger sheet for each committee chair with their total budget on top, and each item spent to be itemized as they go.

Avi -
Set-Up Chair * Will approach a couple of new companies to bid on pipe & drape for the show. We have been disappointed in the service of the last company * Re more lighting : suggests a gradual investment of $500 - $1000 each year for lighting of demo, kids, clay in ed and sales.

Registrar - Re an increase of the amount of half size booths * in the past there were more requests for half booths than there were available * Don explained how an increase in the number of half booths would not increase the amount of booths available, and would decrease our income from booth fees. It is decided to leave booth arrangement as is.

Don noticed that many Gallery-Only participants dropped after the move-in packet was issued.  This makes it difficult to cover all the workshifts. He suggests an application deposit that is refunded only if workshifts are done.

* *
Policy Change - Don motioned that a $25 deposit for Gallery Only applicants to be refunded only if their workshift is done, unless they withdraw by a specific drop date. Unanimously passed. * *

Grace - via email - perhaps a totally on-line application is not as simple as she first envisioned * Don says the show app has been on-line, and it can be made available earlier. He sends 80+ early apps and ~3 apps sent later * Too much discussion, Paula will add this to next meeting’s agenda * Frank : early apps were originally to encourage artists to come back the next year * Don: it would be easier for the Registrar if early postmark did not matter on the show app, only final due date is important. Applicants with no points would be randomly selected.

Sales / Signage - Faith (Sales) will get signage requests to Michael (Signage) and they will coordinate with Avi (Building) re the hanging w/ pipe & drape.

Sponsorship - Alyssa emailed her report. She is in the process of fixing a problem with prizes awarded not received * will solicit more cash sponsors for this year * Likes suggestion of her proposing how all prizes will be awarded and submitting to committee for approval. It will make things move much smoother at the show. * Paula asked if anyone has approached Lane Arts? * Frank asked if CF has contacted our bank for sponsorship (it worked for Showcase) (we are very happy with a decrease in % taken by the bank for charges).

Demo - Rhoda asked for money for canvas

New Capital Expenses : Lights, Signs, Canvas - hopefully sponsorship can help with this.

Security / Workshifts - There are still problems with strangers coming in during set-up on Friday. Perhaps another security person would help * Frank mentioned the success Shirley had with writing up and sending instructions to all Gallery workshift persons before the show.

Trainees : Building needs a trainee - John Siwinsky has backed out * Because of a shortage of volunteers, some committee chairs will not ask for trainees, but continue in their position. These include : Demo, Graphics, Kids Clay, Signage, Sales, and Webmaster (Thank You) * We really need a Publicity Chair and a Treasurer * Sponsorship and Mailing/Distribution also could use trainees.

New Business : Request for Local Clay officers to get points for ClayFest Susan F made the presentation * Don : the Registrar keeps track of points. A few years ago the cap on points was removed, as the same people were doing the jobs of chairing committees.

* *
Policy Change - Avi motioned that Local Clay officers and standing committee members, including President, President-Elect (defacto membership chair), Secretary, Treasurer, Empty Bowls, Workshops and Clay in Ed earn a point each year, beginning in ‘07, towards ClayFest. The ClayFest Chair and Treasurer are on both Local Clay and ClayFest boards and thus would earn 2 points each year. Motion passed unanimously. * *

Broken Pots - Brian Gorrin approached Paula at a Local Clay meeting after ClayFest last year regarding a pot breakage incident at the show. He made a formal complaint and emailed photos to her. After discussion, Paula re-read the broken pot policy * any claim must be filed during the show, and * we only cover pots broken by a customer, or a member if conducting show duties (as wrapping pots).

Frank proposes an addition to the Move-In Packet : Failure to follow safe display instructions may result in no compensation for broken pots resulting from questionable display.

Dates were set for ClayFest Steering Committee meetings for ‘07: Thurs, February 22, Thurs, March 22 Wed, May 16, Tues, Sept 25 Paula will find a place for Feb meeting. Mar, May & Sept meetings at EWEB All meetings start at 6:30pm