ClayFest Steering Committee 01/22/04

In Attendance : Susan Fishel, Michael Fromme, Frank Gosar, Faith Rahill, Linda Williams, Jeani Holder, Michael Baines, Dan Schmidt, Robert Wolchock, Barbara Ward, Paula McCullen, Tracie Manso, Mary Briggs, Mary Hindman, Don Clarke, Merry Newcomer

Robert called the meeting to order at 6:35PM. Budget meeting will be in February, reminder to bring your budget needs. Meeting is set for February 18 at 6:30PM at the Farmers Market office.

Policy reviews

A. Local Clay By-Laws change : it was proposed to request a change to allow that "Local Clay membership may hold more than one Committee Chair position simultaneously". This is in response to the new wording of By-Laws Section 2.2 (Shared Memberships) and to recurrent situation in which both persons of a shared membership have held Chair positions on the ClayFest steering committee and so accrued points toward booth selection.
B. In re : (A) above : in the booth selections process, it was approved that the "points" total of higher value of the two members in a shared booth would be honored in the selection process.
C. ClayFest Chairperson : a one year position, elected by Local Clay membership at yearly election meeting as this is a Local Clay board member position. This was approved by the committee.
Don Clarke agreed to update the Policies to reflect all the discussion and decisions, and to have it available for approval at the next meeting.

Floor plan review

Don Clarke created 6 alternate floor plan maps that were reviewed by the committee in response to requests for more booth spaces, particularly half booths. Plan-A was rejected primarily due to the Gallery losing focus and isolating those booths at the north end. Plan-B received the most positive response with request to look at making the Gallery smaller to allow better traffic flow around it and the Demo area. It also prompted a suggestion from Tracie to keep the Gallery as is but moving the Demo area to the back doors and putting booths in the former Demo corner. Don will explore these options and bring to February meeting. Plans C, D & E were rejected as it was decided to table the addition of a Group Booth area. Plan-F was rejected due to the loss of too many full booth spaces.

Space Selection

As booth selection is an incentive for persons to work as members of the Steering Committee, it was decided that "current" Chairs will select first within each point range with "past" Chairs in the same point range selecting before "current" Chairs in the next lower point range until all current and past chairs participating in the current year's show have selected in descending point order. At that time, non-chairs participants will select in the postmarked order in which their mailed applications were received by the Registrar. This will be done at a Local Clay meeting and have to be announced in advance. Those with selection privileges must be present at the announced meeting or provide a proxy to select for them at their designated time or give permission for a booth to be selected by lottery (consent will be considered "implied" if no alternate arrangement made). Don Clarke agreed to update the Policies to reflect all the discussion and decisions, and to have it available for approval at the next meeting.

Donation to Local Clay

The subject of workshops for members was seen as a strong incentive for increasing the donation amount to Local Clay. Linda proposed increasing the amount to $750 and this was passed. Mary H expressed concern at setting the amount prior to completion of budget in February.

Friday Opening Event

This proposal was again discussed with some interest, but not a strong show of support at this time. Robert asked for volunteers to work as a sub-committee to research/develop, only Paula responded so the issue is tabled again for the immediate future.

Chair Positions

Trainee Positions

Some have people that have expressed an interest, some still open.

Poster-Graphics Connie
Security/Info Open
Mailing/Postering Open
Publicity Open
Kids Clay Elise
Demo Open
Sales Open
Treasurer Susan Fishel

Faith is interested but has not decided which position yet. It was proposed to send out a postcard and/or email to all Local Clay members reminding them of the openings and asking for their participation. Don will provide Robert with mailing labels for the entire Local Clay membership and Robert will send out a card. Positions are usually filled/approved at February meeting as many tasks occur early in the planning process. We need to show our support to those who do volunteer to be part of this.

Future meetings

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50PM.