This Year's Clay Fest Artists

Artists Participating in the 2016 Show

Participant names and booth assignments will be posted here after the booth selection meeting in June. If an artist's name appears in red, click on it to see samples of the artist's work.

Click here for a Clay Fest booth map.

Artist Booth #
Nancy Y. Adams18
Peter Alsen16
Pat Berman38
Nolan Blansit11
Elisabeth Blum43
Sandy Brown24
Molly Buckles8
Debbie Christensen17
Alissa Clark31
Don Clarke45
Elise Coringallery
Denise Davis25
Bill & Claire Delffs9
James DeRosso13
Tea Duong49
Ted Ernst6
Nina Fernström-Duong48
Rhoda Fleischman28
Shelly Fredenberg32
Michael Fromme34
Ginny Gibson27
Frank A. Gosar35
Richard Graveline52
Barbara Haddad33
Tara Hanby3
Avi Harriman8
Cecile Haworth19
Annie Heron30
Sandra Houtman51
Roxanne Hunnicutt39
Kay Irish14
Laura Jackson4
Beth Johnson36
Jon King21
Renae Kowitz5
Clara Lanyi2
Thalia Lerin55
Tracie Manso15
Amy Mason1
Sookjae McCarty54
Dan Minard & Mickael Mann23
Debra Nelson56
Larry Nelson 56
Merry Newcomer53
Dave Parry50
Gail Pendergrass46
Sally Pursell39
Faith Rahill41
Julie Reisnergallery
Robin Russell Sanchez42
Amanda Ryznar12
Maria Sampsongallery
Dan Schmitt47
Sandy Segna7
John Siwinski44
Susan Siwinski44
Bonnie Stambaugh40
Ken Standhardt20
Peg & John Swansongallery
Rosemary Tobiga10
Karen Washburn37
Cheryl Weese22
Linda Williams29
Michal Wilmertgallery
Dave Winget26
Daniel Conan Young33